BLDC Motors

Custom Bruhless DC Motor Experts In today’s industrial sector, direct current (DC) motors are everywhere. From robotics to automobiles, small and medium sized motoring applications often feature DC motors for their wide range of functionality. Inform us requirement.  Biote motor will design and custom made Brushless DC Motors (BLDC motors) provide a higher speed range, better thermal performance, and higher power density compared to DC brushed motors. Since there are no carbon brushes or copper commutator, the only wear items in the motor are the bearings, making the BLDC motor far superior when long operating life is required. If your application requires a high duty cycle and quiet operation, a Brushless Motor (BLDC) may be the ideal solution. DC powered, brushless motors not only provide superior life and power density but are also more efficient and offer more precise motion control than their brushed DC counterparts. We offer a wide range of BLDC motor solutions for small industrial and commercial equipment applications. • Easy installation • Speed control over a wide range • Quick Starting, Stopping, Reversing and Acceleration • High Starting Torque • Linear speed-torque curve
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