AC Gear Motors

Biote Electric Is Your Expert Source for AC Gear Motors Discover the most complete line of electrical solutions that best match your needs. helped customers source, design and customize electric gear motors for a wide range of applications, including food and beverage processing, handling and packaging, automatic door openers, off-road motorized equipment, material handling and more. AC motors and gear motors include single-phase motors used with a single-phase AC power supply and three-phase motors used with a three-phase AC power supply. A single-phase motor can be operated by simply connecting it to a single-phase power supply via the supplied capacitor. A three-phase motor does not require a capacitor. All you need is to connect the motor directly to a three-phase AC power supply. Biote Motor offers a wide range of AC Motors & Gear Motors Constant Speed or Speed Control AC Motors available Single-Phase or Three-Phase Types Gear and Electromagnetic Brake Options