90W Adjustable Speed Motor 110V Reversible AC Gear Motor

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90W Adjustable Speed Motor AC Gear Motor Reversible Motor with Controller 110V

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Product Detail:

90W 110v 230v low rpm high torque ac reversible Gear Motor

1. Motor type: 90W AC Reversible Motor
2 .Gearbox: 90*90mm Spur gearbox
3. Voltage: 110V, 220V, 230V AC
4. Speed: 10RPM-600RPM
5. Torque: 13kg.cm-200kg.cm
6. Shaft dia: 12mm
7. Direction: CW /CCW
8. Typical application: Vending machine, Robot, Medical device, Sliding gate, Packing machine, Labeling machine, Winding machine, Juice agitator, Washing machine, etc.
9. Customized service: Motor's performance parameter, Shaft type, Wires and connectors, Encoders

90w reversible motor

General Motor Characteristics

90W reversible motor'

The basic info of motor brake motor: The frequency is 50/60hz. The output power is 90w. The model number is 5rk90gu-AF. The ac voltage is 220v.

The description of motor brake motor: This motor is a great choice for many small sport automobile, motorcycle and electric cars. The motor runs more smoothly and has a longer service life, speed is higher. This dc motor features a high degree of accuracy and sensitivity. It can be used in many scenarios, such as brake light, water heater, etc. Meanwhile, this motor is suitable for small dc brushed motors.



5RK90GU-CF Reversible Motor 90 W 1 PH 200/220/230 V 4 Poles

1hp NEMA (3)

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