3 phase 380v 4kw TEFC 3000RPM Permanent Magnet Motor for vertical multistage stainless steel centrifugal pump

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Custom 120V brushless dc 11kw ,15kw dc motor, 15kw bldc motor, with FOC brushless motor controller

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* High efficient design, motor ontology efficiency exceeds IE5, hight performance. * Sensorless FOC vector drive technique, full closed loop control (pressure loop, speed loop, current loop) is stable and reliable. * IP55 high protection level design, dustproof and waterproof. * Integrate commonly used various interface ports of pump field, easy to replace. * Customize pump special control panel, easy to use. * Support panel, computer, App / Applet to set parameters, easy to operate. * Support pump-pump or pump-motor to work together; offer parameterization pump-linking plan customized function.

* Integrative design, cmpact structure, light weight, nice appearance.



Input Voltage
Single-phase 200~240V, 50/60Hz
Three-phase 380~415V, 50/60Hz
Power Range
Single-phase 0.25~3.2kw
Three-phase 0.75~18.5kw
Rotation Rate Range
Rated 3600rpm, range 900~3600rpm
Rated 3000rpm, range 900~3000rpm
Overload Capacity
25℃, 1.1 times rated output long-time running
25℃, 1.5 times rated output for one minute will overload
Service Temperature
-20℃~40℃ (If above 40℃, decrease by 1% rated output for every 1℃.)
Lower then 1000m (If above 1000m, decrease by 1% rated output for every 100m.)

Integrated Pump Functions

Integrated Pump Functions

* Customized pump special panel and control functions, all chinese display. * Integrate constant voltage, sleep, timing, constant speed and other operation modes. * Support a variety of pressure sensors including voltage / current type. * Common faults such as undervoltage / overvoltage, overheating, abnormal water pressure, water shortage, water leakage and other faults are directly displayed for viewing. Other faults are displayed through codes. * Voltage, current, power, motor rotation rate and other information can be viewed directly on the panel. * WiFi / Bluetooth module can be selected; view the operation state and configure pump parameters through App / Applet. * Integrate digital input, relay output, RS485 / CAN and other interface ports. * Support multi-pump, pump-pump to run together. * Support manual / automatic screen lock function to prevent accidental touch.

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Motor Drive

* Customized design based on integrated motor requirements. * Optimize heat dissipation structure. * Adopt switching frequency automatic regulation technology; the temperature of the power module is controllable. * Based on mature sensorless FOC driving algorithm. * The protection modes combine software and hardware, including overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, communication fault, etc. * Small harmonic of current waveform and stable three-phase balance are conducive to improve motor performance and reduce system noise. * Chips and power devices are mature products of large international manufacturers. MCU/Power Chip: ST / Microchip Power Module: Infineon Electrolytic Capacitor: Jianghai * EMC meets C2 standard.
1hp NEMA (2)
1hp NEMA (3)

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