24v. 48v. 60v. 90v. 110v brushless dc motor controller use dirver Field oriented control (FOC) for ebike boat industry machinery

Short Description:

Field-Oriented Control (FOC), also known as vector control, is a technique used to control Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) and AC induction motors (ACIM). FOC provides good control capability over the full torque and speed ranges. The FOC implementation requires transformation of stator currents from the stationary reference frame to the rotor flux reference frame (also known as d-q reference frame).

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Product Detail:

Working frequency: 15.6-16Khz

Power: ≤ 3KW

5V hall sensor current: ≤40mA

Controller wire current ≤200mA

Adjust speed Signal: 0-5V. 1.2-4.2v

Working environment temperature: -25℃-55℃


Brushless dc motor controller

1.1kw 1.2kw. 1.5kw 2kw. 2.2kw. 2.5kw. 3kw. 3.5kw. 4kw. 4.5kw. 5kw. 4.5kw. 5 kw. 5.5kw

800W, 36V. 3100RPM
1000W, 36V/48V.3100RPM
1200W, 48V, 3500RPM
1500W, 48V, 3750RPM
1600W, 48V, 3900RPM
1800W. 48V, 4500RPM
2000W. 60V, 4600RPM
3000W. 72V, 4900RPM

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brushless motor controller


Function: Reverse, Speed Control, Three Speed (High/Low Speed),Slef-Study,
High/Low Level Brake, Hall Sensor, Power Lock , Anti-Theft, Brake Cruise, Hard Start.


2.5kw3kw connecting
1hp NEMA (2)
1hp NEMA (3)

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