180W single phase brake motor constant speed electromagnetic brake motor with gearbox

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220V 104mm Powerful 180W AC Brake Motor with controller. contant speed or adjust speed

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Product Detail:

220V Single- phase 180W Constant speed motor with gearbox and electromagnetic brake.  About the output shaft default is 15mm, if you need 18mm, Pls contact us.

180w brake motor

General Motor Characteristics

180W brake motor'

Model: 6RK180GU
Voltage: 110V/220VAC
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Speed: 7.5rpm~500rpm
Torque: 2.36 N.m~39.2 N.m
Power: 180W
With cooling fan



6IK180GU-180WAC Induction Motor, AC Gear motor, 180W AC Motor, 6IK180GU AC Motor


1hp NEMA (3)

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