10kw brushless dc Electric motor drive boat ship

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advantage: high efficiency. low noisy. free maintenance. 0-max rpm adjustable. brushless

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To select the Brushless Boat Motor best suited for a hull it is important to know the hull size and amount of cells planned to be used. Size of hull will determine the size of motor needed to push the weight. Cell count will determine the wind (Kv) of motor needed.

we can supply power from 1KW to 15KW. votlage from 24V-180vdc


Custom High Power 1kw 24v High Torque Brushless Dc05
Custom High Power 1kw 24v High Torque Brushless Dc03


10kw bldc motor electric inboard boat motor

YB132 Series Brushless DC Motor
Type Voltage Power Speed Current Torque cooling
VDC KW r/min A (N.m) IC411
YB132B3/5-48V6.3-1500 48 6.3 1500 144 40
YB132B3/5-72V6.3-1500 72 6.3 1500 96 40
YB132B3/5-72V9.0-1500 72 9.0 1500 138 57
YB132B3/5-96V6.3-1500 96 6.3 1500 72 40
YB132B3/5-96V9.0-1500 96 9.0 1500 103 57
YB132B3/5-96V10.0-3000 96 10.0 3000 115 32
YB132B3/5-110V5.5-1500 110 5.5 1500 55 35
YB132B3/5-110V7.5-1200 110 7.5 1200 75 48
YB132B3/5-120V11-3000 120 11.0 3000 101 35
YB132B3/5-120V15-3200 120 15.0 3200 138 45

BLDC Motor:

BLDC stands for BRUSHLESS DIRECT CURRENT MOTORS. With the passage of time and new technology it has become possible to eliminate the brushes from DC motors. In a BLDC motor, the permanent magnets are put on the rotor that moves around the stator. A controller / sensor is used to charge the stator coils as the shaft turns. BLDC motors are customized to meet customer's special requirements. Using cutting edge materials and sensor less technology, these motors provide high performance with features and solution for individual and industrial applications.

1hp NEMA (2)
1hp NEMA (3)

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